About the Author

Vanessa (aka VanessaMarieCaron) is a young stay-at-home-mother of four and an emerging author. While simultaneously developing her lengthier works, she uses her blog as an outlet for her bursting imagination and literary experimentation. She is a passionate individual, consistently striving to emulate emotionally character-led novels and short stories alike. Her style uses imagery with a poetic undercurrent. Writing is her art of choice, a tool for expression, a way by which she transcends to higher places, accessing the creative potential she can no longer ignore.

Vanessa’s non-fiction publications have been featured on theYoungCatholicWoman blog, expressing themes of hope and encouragement in difficult situations, namely marriage and mental health.

Publishing novels is her main love however, she endeavours to refine her craft and uncover her stylistic preferences through literary journals and here on her blog (see blog archives for more writing samples).

When not writing, Vanessa bounces between being a contemplative in nature, an eccentric fitness junkie and an avid horse lover.

To leave feedback or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact Vanessa on her contact form, through Facebook, Instagram or via email.

Thank you for your interest and support!

And as always, God bless.